Integrate any CMS with Sitecore Content Hub DAM

In your CMS you can use Sitecore Content Hub assets by copying public link URLs from Content Hub Portal and pasting it into your CMS. This works, but it’s not the most friendly solution for content authors. Fortunately Content Hub offers integration point which you can use in any web-based CMS to allow authors to pick assets using Content Hub UI.

There are two steps to complete the integration:

Add Allowed Domains to Content Hub CORS Settings

Open Content Hub admin panel, go to Settings, search for CORSConfiguration, add your CMS domain and any other domains you want to test the integration:


Add following integration to your CMS. The HTML below adds “Browse from Sitecore DAM” link which opens Content Hub iframe in a pop-up allowing to browse the assets. Once asset is selected Content Hub will post a message via Window message event. The message contains i.a. public link URL, alt text, asset ID, width and height which you can later store in your CMS field: