Sitecore Helix: the story of my implementations – Updated

Presentation which I prepared for Sitecore User Group Poland meetup in Poznań (6th of Oct 2017)

I covered there:

  • Comparing TDS and Unicorn in Helix architecture
  • Biggest concerns when implementing Helix
  • Tips and benefits of Helix architecture

Presentation file: Helix on TDS and Unicorn.pptx

Update 10 October 2017

Recently Hedgehog released TDS 5.7 with huge improvements focused on Helix architecture, including:


  • Rebuild all code generation files at once – A right-click menu was added to the solution context menu to allow the developer to regenerate code on all TDS projects at once.
  • Add validators to Project validation for Helix – Validators were created to ensure items in the the helix naming hierarchy don’t make invalid references to other items in the helix hierarchy
  • Sync all TDS projects at the solution level –  Allows developers to sync all TDS projects at the solution level with a single gesture.
  • Performance improvements with “Lighting” deploy mode

This resolves some of the issues mentioned in the presentation.


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