External BYOC in XM Cloud Components

XM Cloud components allows developers to register external components which can be used later by the business users in XM Cloud Component Builder. To deliver such component you need to do following:

Add FEAAS Package

Implement FEAAS Component

  • Implement your component logic (you can use parameters mapped to Builder UI)
  • Register a component
  • Map parameters to UI elements in Component Builder

Sample component which displays a video with auto-play and playback controls options (in final implementation video source should be mapped to a data source):

Register FEAAS Component in XM Cloud

If you added the FEAAS component to your XM Cloud starter kit code, no other code changes are required. You don’t have to create custom rendering host, just push your code changes to repo and deploy it to XM Cloud.

After deployment, go to Components “Settings” section and use your XM Cloud URL for rendering host address and save. There should be a message showing that component is registered.

Use External Component in Builder

To add your custom component in XM Cloud Builder, click “Component” under “External elements” section and select your BYOC component from the selection.

You can change now the settings you used in code while registering the component in the UI: