Design Hero Banner in XM Cloud Components

Create Banner Fields

  • (Optional) use your theme with customised margins and styles.
  • Add background image and remove all margins from Section.
  • Add Card to the Section (will be used later to apply gradient).
  • Add Block to the Card to layout the content to max width with padding.
  • Add Card to the Block to layout fields to the center.
  • Add Headline, Paragraph and Button to the Card.

Add Gradient

  • In Styles create new Fill with Gradient color inside the “Fills”.
  • In Styles create new Card element with the Fill inside the “Block elements”.
  • In Styles use new Card element in Theme.
  • In Components use new Theme in Card inside the Section.

Add Component Variants

  • Duplicate initial version.
  • In new versions set alignment in top level Card and Block elements.
  • Set max width in Card element inside Block.
  • In new versions in Card inside Section use different Gradient style.

Add Mobile Version

  • Duplicate initial version and apply breakpoints.
  • Add new Section below initial Section and apply theme with mobile margins to it.
  • Add new Block element to new Section.
  • Move Card nested in old Block to new Block.
  • Apply styles in Headline and Paragraph.
  • Remove gradient style from Card and adjust size of initial Section.